Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, a day like any other

What with laundry and dishes, dinner to prepare and all the "normal" things of life my daughter made me stop and take time today.

It's funny how kids do this to us. She'd been bugging forever to make cupcakes and today was her day not to take no for an answer. We put together a simple mix and then iced and decorated them. Total time (not including "oven" time was about an hour. But how happy it made her! OMG it was like giving her a million dollars.

And taking that time away didn't make anymore laundry appear or the dishes get one bit dirtier and the few we made were nothing when measured against how happy she is.

She's happily singing up in her room now, cupcake icing on her face because I'm sure she never stopped to wash it.